Welcome to the delicious, rich, exotic world of  sophisticated high performance cosmetics and intoxicating parfum concentrates!
Introducing the most effective and potent anti-aging, regenerative potions on the planet.

Responsibly formulated and made in small batches to preserve the fresh ingredients, our creations are Vegan (save the bees!) and  free from petroleum derivatives, mineral oils, lanolin (the oily secretion on sheep's wool), gluten, parabens, dimethicones, dyes, phthalates, dubious "fragrances" & most common allergens.

Non toxic, Vegan, Organic, GMO Free, No Harmful Chemicals, No Animal Testing, BPA Free

not tested on animalsSave the Bees!We make only high performance cosmetics and perfumes made with essential oils and organic grape alcohol as well as perfumed oils and perfumed whips! We bring you the very best in all the world. We put product perfection before profits. Superior products at a great value. Want more information about the cosmetic industry and what is really in our cosmetics? Click right here!

Crème's & Oils