Bad Girl CosmeticsCosmetic companies make all kinds of wild claims and get away with it! They create false impressions with their “studies” (where are these actual studies and are they triple-blind?) The “untouched actual” before and after pictures are manipulated by lights, angles, make-up and expressions. For example, where they show the eyes with diminished wrinkles, they don’t show the entire face as you would see that in the “before” they smile and in the “after” they don’t. The cosmetic companies rarely put more than 2 actives in a bottle so that you will buy more products. We think this is greedy, deceptive and despicable! Crème de La Mer is one of the worst offenders, for you can buy 99 cent store cream and get the same results. Ground up tourmaline do NOTHING for your skin. They have a little sea algae and hyaluronic acid in it. All the top name brands do the same thing!

They are full of useless fillers and just a penny’s worth of actives. Many use as many cheap ingredients to substitute for the good stuff. They use dimeticone to add slip to the product, but then dimeticone; also known as polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). It is a silicone oil first developed to replace petroleum oil for ball bearings in heavy duty machinery and it very, very cheap. In cosmetics, it impedes absorption of the actives so then they add industrial solvents for penetration to override the dimeticone which is such a pore clogger especially when we get older. Dr endorsed or named products are just as bad. Using made up words unrecognized by the FDA as “cosmeceuticals”. Even so called all organic products are not. They add many lab created ingredients and then lie to you about it. They tweak a molecule or 2, couple it with common actives such as Vitamin C & E and then patent it using some mystical name to make you think it is indeed “new under the sun” and miraculous!

Bad Girl Cosmetics adheres to the guidelines of the campaign for safe cosmetics found at safecosmetics.org.

We put quality before profits. Our cosmetics use the highest quality oils, plant butters and active ingredients derived from herbs, flowers, barks, roots & leave and food stuffs. Our preservatives are natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial for a longer shelf life. Our perfumes and scented oils are formulated using organic, natural essential oils, Co2 Extracts and naturally derived aroma compounds with natural grain and grape alcohol.


Safe for bees!