Dos Muertos

Dos Muertos

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Dos Muertos  is our ultimate floral made with the original formula “CHANEL® N°5” & “JOY By Dior” using essential oils & safe aroma compounds derived from nature with no civet, no petroleum derivatives or unsafe fragrance oils. Made with our own pure vanilla infused organic grape & grains alcohol, Vanilla Co2, with a boof of Velvet Tuberose resulting in a warm, ultimate floral with an uniquely spectacular dry down of Vanilla. Anchored by organic Indian Choyas. 1/2 oz.

Extracts/Extraits are the highest percentage of aroma compounds. Double extracts are 50- 70%. Ours are 60%. Triple extracts are 75-80%. 

Perfumes or parfums are 35%-50%, eau de parfum 20% to 30%; cologne is 10% to 15%. We use only natural grain and grape alcohols, naturally derived aroma compounds, Botanicals and the finest essential oils that money can buy.

Free from animal products, petroleum derivatives and industrial solvents, our alcohol perfumes are the most sophisticated and unique in the marketplace today.


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